Friday, 29 August 2014

Our Lady of Grace Conference

Meeting of Thursday 17/07/2014

Since our last meeting on 03/07/2014 our Vincentians have undertaken a total of 7 visits to in the local community, helping with shopping, paying bills and befriending the sick and housebound.  A holiday grant was also supplied to a family in need.


The annual mass for the sick and housebound will take place on Saturday 27/09/2014, starting at 2.00pm, with a party taking place in the parish hall afterwards.  Anyone who would like to receive a lift to the mass should contact the presbytery on 773 2324.


You are asked to pray for those at war in the Middle East and all other places in the world where there is conflict.  Oh God send your peace to those broken by suffering and violence.   May your love help them and strengthen those who are fighting for justice and peace throughout the world.