Sunday, 13 March 2016

Our Lady of Grace Conference

Meeting of Thursday 11/02/2016


In the past two weeks our Vincentians have undertaken a total of 22 visits to people in the local community and care homes, providing support and companionship to the housebound, helping with shopping and undertaking with other tasks.  They also supplied transport so elderly parishioners could attend a funeral at Our Lady of Grace church and so they could go shopping, kept in touch with people by phone  and distributed small grants to those in need.


After the opening prayers members discussed the various matters including the documents that were to be donated to the new archive, the vacant post of president for the District Council and what would happen to the district if the post remained unfilled.

The meeting ended with prayers for comfort for those in the parish who are bereaved and all who had asked for prayers.

Oh God,

Comfort those who are bereaved and all who need your help and support, strengthen them with hope and breathe peace into their troubled hearts.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.